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My New Story: http://www.sjsdblogs.com/wesleyv17/2012/10/12/my-new-story/

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PE Fitness Reflection: http://www.sjsdblogs.com/wesleyv17/2013/04/25/fitness-test-reflection/

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A 25 Word Moment: http://www.sjsdblogs.com/wesleyv17/2013/05/03/a-25-word-moment/

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How to sign up for Wattpad: http://www.sjsdblogs.com/wesleyv17/2012/02/27/how-to-sign-up-for-wattpad/

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Diving into the “I have a Dream” Speech Deeper.

Friday, May 10th, 2013

In this assignment we were suppose to read the text deeper and then look for words we liked. This speech has been heard by millions but when we right a summary nobody will be the same. The text is just that deep. ————————————————————————————————————————————————

Five Score Years Ago

A Great American Made a great statement

   That then turned him into signing The Emancipation Proclamation

He hoped that this would save Millions of Negro Slaves

But a hundred years later the Negroes here today are still not free

They are persecuted, beaten, and even put to death because of the color of their skin

It is now time to cash in our check to this “free government”

We deserve to be free and  have the same rights as whites.

This color on my skin doesn’t matter it’s the content of our character

I have a dream that we can finally sing

“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

A 25 Word Moment

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

A moment happens every nano second. The best way to capture this is with picture. This picture freezes time and lets you see into that moment. But what Mrs. Studer challenged us is writing about a moment in 25 words. You needed to describe a moment in words. Describe the setting, feeling, what you are seeing is what we were challenged to do. And I think I accomplished that.


made on Wondersay – Animate text with style

Fitness Test Reflection

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

I think that I did pretty good on my fitness tests. I got 74 on the pacer, 75 on the curl ups, 12 pushups, and 8.00 and 8.00 on sit and reach. I got all passing grades on that and some I even went above and beyond. I do need to work on my body mass index though it is a bit to high ,but I think that will even out when I start playing soccer more and go hiking more during the summer. I do though, believe that I achieved my goals.e

Jude by How People Act Not How People Look

Friday, February 15th, 2013

For the last month Mrs. Studer and us ,as students, have been talking, discussing, and learning about civil rights and what happened. Civil Rights was a big part of our history and we need to understand that not all white people were racist some even supported a blacks and did protests. The leader of all these protests were Dr. King better known as Martin Luther King Jr. And one of his best known quote is “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their content of their character.

The readings we have read have mostly told us about our past. The past is always worse than the present. Because once we experience we learn from our mistakes or our success. We made a mistake by persecuting people with black skin and black culture. We read about emmit till who was murdered for saying “Bye Baby” to a white girl. Murdered, He wasn’t beat up, talked too, or had his house blown up. He was murdered for two simple words. I believe when Martin Luther King said he wanted people to be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, I think he was right.

During this time that we have talked about the civil rights I have learned that probably thousands of people died just because of a color of skin. I have learned that people need to to start judging by how people act and not how people look.

Word-o-matic for “I Have a Dream” Speech.

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Hey My Clickers, But i guess since you are reading this you are My Readers so Enjoy :P


Speeches can effect peoples lives in so many different ways. And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr did that with just about every speech he gave. But to narrow it down to just one speech that effected the most people, It would have to be the “I have a Dream” Speech is his best. And our assignment was to take this amazing speech and move it around a bit to make a poem. Enjoy :)



I Have a Dream (Remix)

Five Score Years Ago

A Great American Made a great statement

   That then turned him into signing The Emancipation Proclamation

He hoped that this would save Millions of Negro Slaves

But a hundred years later the Negroes here today are still not free

They are persecuted, beaten, and even put to death because of the color of their skin

It is now time to cash in our check to this “free government”

We deserve to be free and  have the same rights as whites.

This color on my skin doesn’t matter it’s the content of our character

I have a dream that we can finally sing

“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”


This was a remix from Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream speech”

Alot More Blog Posts

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

I am going to be posting a lot of new blog post because we are doing this in Reading/Writing. So get prepared for more blog posts. :)

My New Story

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Hey guys haven’t done a blog post in forever so sorry. I just haven’t been able to log in. I do have a surprise for you which I think you will like. In my writing class I have been writing a story and have finished it. This is “Book 1″ even though it is only 3 and a half pages long. So Let me stop talking and you get reading.


“Ok I will see you there.”
“Finally,” I thought.
I had been on the phone with my mom for 2 hours. I had to make a excuse that someone was knocking on the door. But of course there wasn’t anybody there.
I had been staying at the Monterel Hotel in the Bahamas for a business thing for Apple. This was the final day of the trip and I had nothing to do so I thought I ought to go to the beach.
I walked down to the beach and saw that it wasn’t that crowded as I thought it would be. I went down to find a spot right by this man and his wife with some kids. The man was reading the biography of Bob Dylan which is a book I read a month ago because I had got it from my mom.
“Thats a really good book,” I said
“I know isn’t just amazing that Bob Dylan wanted to end his music career.”
“Yea, but his voice wasn’t that good.”
He laughed, “It’s like black coffee it is an acquired taste.”
The guys name was Derek Brown. He was a businessman in New York. He was married to Jennifer Brown and had three kids Wesley, Taylor, Dylan. I really did feel sorry for the guy his mom and dad had just died in a car accident a week ago.
“So when are you leaving to go back to New York” I said
“Well actually we are leaving tomorrow”
“Ya me too. I wonder if we are on the same flight?”
After we had talked until it was 5 o’clock it was time for me to go. I said I hope I would see him on the flight and hope they had a good day.
I walked back to my room and was wondering if i would ever be able to have a happy life. Would I ever have a good relationship with my daughter and wife. I thought that maybe I could take off a week and go on a real vacation. I fell asleep thinking about my wife and kids.

The next day I went through the security and was boarding the plane when I saw Derek.

“Hey man how did you enjoy that sunset last night” I said remembering that last night it was the most beautiful sunset ever.

“ It was awesome. I really think my wife will win that picture contest now.

“ What is that”

“ Oh my wife is going to enter a picture contest that has 500,000 dollar prize”

“ Wow that is really cool”

“ Yea”

We had sat down in our seats which were right next to each other which I thought was really cool.
We had been in the flight for about 20 minutes when I saw two men stand up and head towards the cockpit. I thought this was really strange. Then we heard screaming and yelling.
Over the intercom we heard a voice that said” I want everyone in the back seats and don’t make a peep or I will kill you”
I was frightened I looked over and saw Derek stand up and go to the back with his wife and kids.
When we had made it to the back I told Derek that we can not go down without I fight. he agreed. Derek and I talked to the other men and had two men stay back with the women and kids and the other would rush the cockpit.
“ Ready, Set, Go”
We ran to the cockpit and pulled open the door we saw the two men and they screamed. We easily overpowered them because it was 5 on 1. We hit them over the head with a fire extinguisher. They were knocked out cold
Then someone asked “ Does anyone know how to fly this bucket of bolts”
Then I remembered that I had 3 flight classes that I took with my brother.
“ I took 3 flight classes so I think I might have the most experience.”
Everyone agreed so I took to the cockpit. Then we radioed the tower but the line was dead. Dang it I thought. I looked down and saw all the buttons and switches the I saw the fuel was almost gone, well no, it was gone! I thought the hijackers probably messed with it to sabotage the plane.
I knew that we were going down and going to crash.
“We are going to crash land tell everyone to get in a seat and Buckle up. I saw that there was an Island and I was going to try and land on the beach so hit the water right bye it.
100 ft, 75 ft, 50,ft 25 ft BOOM! We hit the water just right. I was amazed ,but then I had to do something that I was really worried about…looking back. So I did it I looked back and thank God that no one was injured. Wait where was Derek
“Derek, You there”
“I am here…ack”
He was under a chair with a piece of metal through his leg. I looked and saw his wife coming to go see him.
“Jenni, no I don’t want you to come here ok”
“Just tell me is he alive”
“Yes, honey I am alive”
“Ok” I then heard her walk back to help her kids
“Derek why weren’t you strapped. I yelled and told you to get strapped in.”
“That girl” He said pointing to a 13 year old “was not in her seat i got her in there before the plane crashed. AHHH” He screamed out in pain. I had totally forgot that he had a piece of metal through his leg.
“Derek are you ok”
“What does it look like Jake really what does it look like” he chuckled
“Derek this is really bad.”
“I know…. I think I might die”
There was silence. The silence of death. The silence on which contained his last breath. His last heartbeat. His last moment of life. His last tear from his eyes.
I really didn’t know what happened. I didn’t know how I was going to tell his wife and kids. I thought that this man I only knew for a day was going to  a great place. I wondered if I had not quit the flying lessons I could’ve saved them. I had to bury his body it was my duty. i didn’t know how I was going to live with knowing that I could have saved him I could’ve went to him but no.
I stood up and heard people talking
“…what are we going to do….”
“…who is going to lead us…”
“…did he really die?”
I walked over to Jenny she had a smile on her face ,but it turned cold when she saw my depressed face.
“He died didn’t he mom. Mom it is going to be ok. He didn’t die in vain. Mom he saved us and that girl over there,” Wesley said while pointing to the girl. “Mom she looks lonely I am going to go talk to her.”
I had to go talk to Jenny if I didn’t she would die in the inside. Either way she would be depressed but I had to do something. I had to step up and help her.
“You ok Jen,” I said in the most thoughtful voice I could use.
“I guess I am…the only reason I really am is that I know that he died trying to save someone,” She said
“Yes exactly. See thats my point he died being a hero. Not some coward that I am. “I said while looking down.
“Don’t say that you’re the one that saved all of us. Without you none of us would of been here.”
“No really it was my 3 flight lessons that I took” We laughed at the comment. I think that is the first laugh that anybody has heard on that day.

I guess she was right ,but I never really thought of myself as a strong hero. People in my life have always called me a “geek” or a “nerd”. I don’t think anybody, even me, thought I was a hero.

“Thanks Jen. I am going to talk to everyone” I said after a long silence
“Ok, I know you will do the right thing.”
“Thanks” I said while walking off towards a rock so I could stand so everyone could hear me.
I walked towards the rock. It was a solid thing to stand on it was almost a throne ,but you had stand up.
“Attention…Attention,” I said while everyone looked up, “I would like to say that we need a leader. Someone who knows the wild somebody who has great leadership.”
“Well why can’t you be it. You seem fit” Someone said in the crowd of 30 people.
“Yea” Everyone said in the group
“Well thank you for making me leader for the time being.” I said nervously. I didn’t know anything about leadership. Heck I didn’t know anything about the woods.
“Ok well first thing first I want everyone to get in groups” I said thinking that would be the best thing to do, “I want the men who think they are fit and strong to be over there by that tree.” About 10 people went over there.
” Now I want anybody who knows anything about healing over there by the wing of the plane” Only 4 people went over there. I didn’t really know of any other group. Then I had one.
“Anyone that knows of the woods, I want you over here bye me. About 10 people came.”
“Ok anyone else who isn’t in a group go to one of the groups and listen to someone. I will go to the groups and look for a leader” I walked to the Strong group and said “Anyone who wants to lead raise their hand. “There was an older guy who was in his early 50s and also someone who was in his late 20’s.
“You” I said pointing to the younger guy “What’s your name”
“Jason Cobalt, Sir” He said with a muscular voice.
“I want you to lead I want y’all to build a shelter I want it big or you could build 5 of medium sized ones now.” I said
“Ok come on men I want…” He said while I was walking away towards the healing section.
“Is anyone a doctor here” two raised their hands “Ok, How long have each of you been a doctor.
“Nine months Sir” One said
“15 years sir” The second one said.
Now this was an easy choice. “ You what your name I said pointing towards the man who had been a doctor for 15 years “ Try to find some healing things.”
“Ok. I want you…”
Thats all I heard from that conversation. I didn’t know really what to do next. I wasn’t the best leader in the world. Heck, I didn’t even know the first thing about leadership ,but they thought i did so I guess i will have to try my best.
Hoped you liked it. Please leave comments on what to name it. 

Book Reviews!!!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Hello My Clickers. (Well if you are reading this you are My Readers) I am doing Book reviews. Now what you need to tell me is what book I need to do a review on. Ok NOw go and comment now it is a first come first serve. I can read multiple book at one time.


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Friday, March 16th, 2012

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