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Positive Poster–Computer Applications/Technology


PostersAt the beginning of the school year, I try to instill in the students the idea of having a positive attitude.  An assignment we used to encourage this among the students was to have them create a positive poster.  Most students like to see their work displayed and I like to have positive quotes around the room.  By having the students create their own positive posters, the room is covered with positive sayings that are meaningful to them and hopefully will encourage students throughout the time the posters are up in the classroom.

Creating the posters also involve the objectives we need the students to learn such as:  applying layering techniques (using text wrapping and order) and enhancing the documents (centering on the page, using WordArt, Clipart, etc.).  Sometimes students may need to group some of their items to move the items together as one.  I included a screencast giving instructions on this process since students seem to forget at first how to complete this task.

I have included the assignment given to students, a link to the screencast and the scoring guide below.


Essential Outcome:          Perform Advanced Procedures in Desktop Publishing

  1. a.     Apply Layering techniques
    1. Use “text wrapping” to move text over clipart or clipart over text.
    2. Use “order” to send text or clipart to the back
  2. b.      Enhance documents
    1. Center on page vertically and horizontally
    2. Insert textboxes, WordArt and Clipart
    3. Group objects to move around document Grouping Objects in Word

Attitude makes the difference between a good day and a bad day, between success and failure, between good relationships and bad relationships.  It’s nice to start the day meeting a positive person or reading a motivational quote or saying.  This activity will focus on an upbeat, positive attitude.

Directions:           You have been instructed by your teacher to create a poster symbolizing a positive attitude.  These posters will be displayed inside and outside this classroom.  Find at least five positive quotes.  Choose one to illustrate and create a poster.  Refer to the scoring guide below for any help.


Create a Poster

Published–5 points

Correct to Publish (3 points)

In the Trash (0 points)

Document is centered on page both vertically and horizontally Document is centered only vertically or horizontally Document is not centered
A positive saying is included on the poster The saying is not positive
A combination of textboxes and WordArt is used Document only has textboxes or WordArt Document does not have textboxes or WordArt
Appropriate clipart is used and there are at least two graphics Only one appropriate clipart is on the document Clipart is inappropriate or missing
There are no spelling or typographical errors There is one spelling or typographical error More than one spelling or typographical error
Appropriate layering techniques have been used so all text/clipart are visible on the page Layering techniques used make one not able to see some text or clipart Did not use layering techniques
Document is turned in on time Document is one day late Document is more than one day late.

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