Today’s Government vs. Roman’s Government !
Tuesday September 10th 2013, 5:20 pm
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Today’s Government vs. Roman’s Government


Roman Republc

United States Republic

In our Executive System, we have a president that makes all the final decision on the laws. He leads our country, to become the strongest and the best it can be. The Roman System, on the other hand, has 2 consuls and other magistrates. The 2 consuls would direct the government and could issue edicts. Roman’s are needed for leadership in their country, because with out it, they would all die. And there wouldn’t be a Roman Republic. Just like a Roman Religion, the consuls acted as a chief priest.

The Legislative System is a congress that can take laws in but doesn’t get the final say.  In the Legislative branch, there is also the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives consist of  more than 435 people, and serve for a 2 year term. The Roman’s System, consists of a Senate. They would control the budget and could pass the laws, which is different from ours. In our government, the men at the top, the president would be the richest man. The Roman Government, not so much, in the senate, those men were the richest in Rome.  Our government, helps our soldiers by providing what they need and giving them money to improve on their weapons. In Rome, they could not control the army, and were needed the majority of the time as soldiers.

In our Judicial System the Supreme Court makes the final decisions before passing it onto the president. The can either make a law or break it. There are nine justices, in the Supreme Court. They can either all decide or battle it out making the decision. The Roman System, is a Democratic. The Romans assemble the tribes to the tribune. Just like us they can approve or reject laws. If our country wants to battle another country, then we will go to war. The Democratic, have to decide on whether to go to war or not. The Romans would magistrate would veto actions. Our Supreme Court has to work together to make this country come to peace, and so does the Romans, they have to act as a final court to pursue their laws. The Democratic System, could not suggest laws, that was the Senate job.

All in all our 2 governments are similar in a way.  But do have their differences, our American System, is based on the balance of powers and functions. The Roman System is based on their interests.

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