I am really angry. You guys made Emma Ostilly delete her twitter by harassing her so much. She is not dating Harry and never was. I can’t believe the hate ou give these girls that boys are dating. Danielle got hate the other day saying that she stole Liam. I find this quite funny knowing that Liam loves Danielle and has no clue who the girl that tweeted her was. People need to stop. You know that Louanna joke that went around? Eleanor called Louis bawling. You guys almost ruined a beautiful couple. Let the boys love who they want. I understand you have in your minds that you will someday marry the boys, but that’s a 1 and a million chance. Don’t count on it. I usually don’t crush dreams, but when it comes to this I’m gonna. I don’t see the point in harassing the boys girlfriends. It only makes them mad. Not want you. The boys don’t like the fans that do that. Louis was very angry about it. So, leave Eleanor and Danielle alone. They did Nothing but fall in love. I’m sorry you don’t like it, but it’s life. Deal with it. Let the boys be happy and I think everyone needs to apologize to Emma Ostilly some how. I don’t see how someone could do that to someone over a guy that would never go out with them. So, I think we need to get “#DirectionersAreSorryEmma” trending on twitter because that’s ridiculous.

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Harry Styles Facts<3

1. He once said, “Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis”

2.His favorite color is blue

3.His favorite animal is turtle.

4.He lives in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England.

5.He loves cats.

6.If Harry is truly interested in a fan, he will stop to talk to her. Get her name. Twitter name. andsay “I love you”l before he walks away.

7.Harry is afraid to get a girlfriend, because he doesn’t want to upset his fans.

8.harry once had the urge to kiss a fan when he met her.

9.Harry came up with the name “One Direction”

10.Harry has 4 nipples.

11.Harry’s perfect girl has a good sense of humor, cute, and is loyal.

12.Harry wants to name his first daughter “Darcy”

13.Harry wants a girl that makes him “Weak at his knees”

14.Harry wants a girl shorter than him.

15.Harry finds giggling  a major turn on.

16.Harry always kisses on the first date.

17.Harry will find you 110 times more attractive if you smile.

18.Harry sleeps naked.

19.Harry wants Louis to be his best man at his wedding.

20.Liam once said that the cure for Direction infection was to kiss Harry.

21.According to Louis, Harry looks like Susan Boyle.

22.If Harry was a girl, the first thing he would do is grab his boobs.

23.Harry thinks it’s cute when girls look, then look away thing.

24.”Harry is an amazing flirt, he’s near seduced me very often. Dang it.” -Louis

25.Harry prefers curvy girls.

26.Harry carries at least 3 Twix with him where ever he goes.

27.Harry and Louis are like an old married couple.

28.Harry wants a girl that doesn’t know how much she deserves.

29.Harry hates mixed signals.

30.Harry’s favorite album is “21″ by Adele.

31.Harry was the woman of the flat him and Louis shared.

32.Harry likes being naked, even if he has company.

33.”My Harry isn’t an afro. It’s…. sex hair. It’s sex hair.’ -Harry

34.If Harry really loved a girl, he’d get an excuse to kiss her every five minutes.

35.If you squeal or scream in front of Harry, he will automatically think you’re annoying.

36.Harry hates smoking and drugs.

37.Harry usually sleeps with a blanket he has had since he was little.

38.Harry’s first autograph was to Louis.

39.Harry’s first word was cat.

40.Harry says his hair is bipolar. Some days it’s straight. Others it’s curly.

41.Harry’s mum says he’s a romantic.

42.Harry doesn’t understand why girls find him attractive.

43.Harry’s hair was straight when he was little.

44.Harry wants to get married and have kids.

45.Harry wants a younger girlfriend, so he can “show her the ropes of life”

46.Harry gets annoyed if he is on the phone with Louis and Louis doesn’t say “I love you” before hanging up.

47.Harry’s favorite food is sweet corn.

48.His favorite drink is apple juice.

49.Harry’s band mates have said Harry has soft hands.

50.Harry’s favorite movies are Titanic, Love Actually, and The Notebook<3

51.Harry can juggle.

52. Harry plays kazoo.

53.Harry has never been kissed under mistletoe.

54.Harry can’t get a girlfriend that he can spoil.

55.Harry wants to study law, sociology, and business.

56.Zayn-”If Louis was a girl, I’d date her.” Harry-”WHAT?! He’s mine!!’

57.Harry was giving a fan a piggy back ride, then asked her friend if she would like one and her friend said she was to fat. Harry got angry at the comment and told she wasn’t and to get on his back.

58.Harry played hide & seek with a small group of fans.

59.If Harry sees someone hating on the boys, he is really nice to them and shut them up with sarcasm.

60.Harry’s shoe size is 10 and 1/2

61.The boys played a trick on Harry and told him that Zyn was leaving One Direction. Harry started crying.

62.Harry said that the best thing about being in a boy band was “girls”

63.Harry and Ed Sheeran were building a lego house in the dressing room before the teen choice awards.

64.Harry’s favorite song from “Up All Night” is Moments.

65.Harry loves America and wants to move there one day.

66.Harry doesn’t like it when a girls bones are sticking out.

67.Harry once set up a candle light picnic on a bridge for a girl that never showed up.

68.Harry doesn’t find himself attractive.

69.Harry loves being romantic.

70.Harry and Zayn are so close now.. They have their own secret language.

71.Harry says he loves Louis like he loves his mom and the other boys are like his brothers… Exept Niall. That’s his sister.

72.harry lies about his favorite movie and tells everyone that it’s Fight Club so he doesn’t get made fun of.

73.Harry loves back massages.

74.When Harry thinks about dating a grl, the first thing he thinks is “would my parents like her?’

75.Harry’s full name is Harold Edward Styles.

76.Harry’s idea of a romantic date is a bike ride on a tandem bike.

77.”Would you rather kiss a girl or eat pizza?” Harry-”KISS A GIRL!!” Niall-”EAT PIZZA!!!”

78.Harry has ridden a motorbike naked before.

79.Harry got a fans number at a signing.

80.Harry set Louis and Elanor up (They are not together anymore).

81.Harry and Louis have matching blue and pink blankets.

82.Louis was planking on a railing but Harry ran over and pulled him back because he was scared he was gonna fall.

83.Harry’s facebook name used to be ‘Harry Nugget Styles’

84.Harry had his first kiss at 11.

85.Harry never played pokemon until the boys introduced him to it.

86.Harry and Ed Sheeran have nicknames for each other.. Potter and Weasley.

87.Harry thinks it’s cute when girls where soccer jersey’s.

88.Harry is still waiting for his passionate kiss in the rain.

89.Harry and Louis sometimes call each other pumpkin.

90.Harry says the boys are like, “cheeky guys, you know at school.”

91.Harry can speak fluent French.

92.Harry says that most of his girlfriends were blondes, but a nice brunette is good too.

93.Harry prefers quit dates at home, or meals so he can get to know the girl properly.

94.Harry wants a girl that doesn’t take everything to seriously and has fun!

95.Harry’s bio used to be, “I’m here now, what are your other two wishes?”

96.Harry only looks through his timeline on twitter, not his mentions.

97.Harry likes calling his girl baby or sweetheart.

98. Harry and Niall helped write “Gotta Be You”

99.The boys say that Harry is great at giving hugs.

100.When the boys were in Ireland, Harry spent the whole time putting on an Irish accent.

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Just thought I’d let you know…

This is not just a blog about One Direction. I am indeed in love with Harry Styles<3 some call it an obsession.. I call it an UNHEALTHY obsession! I’m still gonna post everything that I would like. 1Directioner is just the name! Harry Styles is perfect and Louis and Harry are the most adorable best friends in the history of the planet.  I have been a fan since they were on X Factor. So yes, I have been there since the beginning. I really hate people who call One Direction gay. None of the boys are gay. They have all had girlfriends and if you call Harry Styles ugly, gay. or stupid… I will stab you. I love him! No hate bro!

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Middle School…

I want nothing more than to go back to first grade when nothing mattered. The only drama was when someone took someone else’s crayons. When getting high meant on the swings, and goodbyes were only until tomorrow.

Now, sitting in 8th hour, 4th quarter of my 8th grade year at Truman Middle School I realize how much everything has changed.  Drama became who stole her boyfriend, talked about her/him, rumors, and back stabbers. This isn’t turning into an actual story of something that happened to me. It’s only the truth of middle school… How this place works.

That best friend sitting next you in your room, having fun and laughing with you… She could turn into your worst enemy once you hit 7th grade. I have seen so many promises of “Best Friends Forever” shatter because of all the baggage middle school comes with. The rumors get spread and you guys get pulled apart depending on who you guys decide to befriend.

 It seems like everything is a contest here. Who has the best hair, cutest boyfriend, most expensive clothes, prettiest, and popularity. It’s as if grades don’t even matter anymore. At Truman, it seems only teacher’s care about how smart you are.

It’s sad to watch the seventh graders come in together, best friends. Inseparable. I watch them slowly become the middleschoolers my friends and I became last year.  Changing into what my friends and I have already turned into. We attack each other like animals. I hate seeing the children I once knew as sweet, innocent, children from Elementary school change into complete and total idiots.

I wish I could be in 1st grade again… Not the youngest, ‘babies’ but not the oldest brats.

Zoe Schellhorn(;

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Boys will be boys.

Have you ever had a guy friend. He wasn’t your boyfriend. but you wish he was? Well I have, and it doesn’t always end well..

Sooo, I have this friend. Let’s call him… Dan. No, that’s and ugly name! Let’s call him… How about I call him David. I have liked David for quite awhile and he does know this… David is a great guy which is, of course, why I like him. We were pretty good friends for awhile. He’s funny and actually really sweet. We hang out all the time. Honestly, everyone though we were dating. He walked me to class everyday. We sit right next to each other in Reading and Writing.

“Stop flirting!!” is all I ever heard from the people in our class. He always waited for me before going to his next hour, no matter what. I was slowly falling for him. Next thing I know, he’s even sitting with us at lunch! I couldn’t believe how close I was getting to him. I had never been happier! I always had re-occurring thoughts that everything was going way to well to be true.

I was right. After about a week of this on going flirting and “mock dating”, He decided her needed to tell me something. He realized he needed to tell that he was having trouble getting over one of my best friends… Let’s call her Anne. I understood because the two of them had dated for almost a year, but I was still crushed when he told me he still loved her. This caused us not to talk all day, until 8th hour. During 8th hour he asked me to peer edit his writing piece for our class blog ‘Middle School Students Have Something To Say Too’. (Check that out by the way. ) From there we started talking, flirting, and mock dating again. It was just a couple fight as everyone thought. David apologized and everything went on as it did every other day.

What I didn’t know was that he had the same thing going with another girl.

But of course, we were acting the same with no problems at all. It was as if nothing had ever happened. I was again happier than I have ever been.

Today, just before 6th hour… I found out that he had kissed this girl named, Mandy. (Another cover name) and Jenica (cover name) told me that the two of them were dating. I had to sit right next to him in groups. I had playfully taken his wallet from him and had decided I wasn’t giving it back. The minute I opened it and saw those adorable photos of him, his beautiful blue eyes and amazing smile. I threw his wallet at his face. It hit him in the eye… All he had to say was, “I saw that coming” . I cried for the rest of the day.

I guess it’s true… All guys are different, until you broke up… or something happens. Then they’re all the same.

 Boys will be boys</3

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