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What is an Idiom?

This picture reminds me of an idiom because when an actor is going on stage and another actor tells them “break a leg” they don’t really mean break a leg they mean good luck.

Today’s Work on Writing 3/29

Today during daily choice time I worked on writing and in my writing it tells about things I do on Fridays and what happens when I do them. Things like when I go skating something that happens is there is drama but if I have a game on a Friday. I write about the game and what the score was and who we played, but I usually go skating on Fridays and sometimes there is drama but some times there’s not, it depends on who is there and if any one is fighting over something stupid.


Hey my name is Paige, I’m a 6th grader in Missouri and I love to play basketball on my team called havoc, I have 2 sisters.
At my school 4th,5th and 6th grade got iPads and it made a big difference in how we learn and it makes it much more fun!

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