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Digital Exhibition
May 14, 2013, 11:23 pm
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This is the link to my digital exhibition presentation.

Capitalization Rules
May 2, 2013, 12:22 am
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Yesterday we choose 5 patterns of rules of capitalization which we were having trouble with and right examples of them with 2 extra examples, out of the 7 words we had to make a story with them in the order we had list them in the first place I will answer a few questions below followed by my story.

Capitalization rules I have problems with are directions, names of people, names of people, names(mom, dad, aunts, ETC), tittles for places or buildings, tittles of words. I  think they are had to grasp because of all the rules you have to see just make sure you should capitalize them or not like if you write “My aunt nancy” You need to capitalize the A in aunt and  in Nancy in which I find pretty confusing. I think if I studied them more I would be able to remember them. Now I will show my piece.

I live West of

my Aunt Nancy who is

Dad‘s sister.

She hates The Jackson Building because

she didn’t see The Help on November’s free

ticket night, Monday.

The underlined words are the examples I gave of the capitalized rules i have trouble with and the I wrote this poem with some words I thought made sense and put together to create this I hope you guys liked it.:)


Hero of Villain?
April 29, 2013, 2:04 pm
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Today we were assigned to do fight for a good cause but we had to say if theirs is ways we good fight for them in a bad way, this was assigned because of our previous assignment where we learned about how john brown fought for slavery but killed people in his fight.

Today my good cause that i will he fighting for will be bullying, I think some ways people could help to solve this problem is that if you now someone is being bulllying get help tell adult, don’t be a bystander make a change. but on the other side a way to fight for this problem in a bad way would be to bully other people to make yourself fell better about yourself for being bullied.

Up above I explained some way to fix problems in a good way and in a bad way, now if you are ever fighting for a good cause do it in a good way!:)

Advisement Activities
March 24, 2013, 2:40 am
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This friday was career day and in advisement we did some team building activities with our other classmates, now I will reflect on the things we did.

The team activities we were assigned were fun and pretty cool to experiment to although some were difficult we still tried them and worked as a team. I actually really think these activities helped our advisement to communicate with each other and express our ideas together on how to work it out. Now if I was to create a team building activities for my own class I would give out life problem like for example a friend is getting bully what would you do?, from their we would all sit in a circle and everyone would express their idea of what they would do. This activity would help them to communicate with each other and would help them make good decisions for one another and themselves.

From the activities we did in advisement it helped me to communicate more with my classmates and ask for their opinion once in a while maybe even trust them a little. I think its important to have a community in our advisement because we are better than just a group of people we are a family who could help one another by team work. I hope you like my reflect from my advisement activities, have a good day! :)

Career Day :)
March 22, 2013, 6:39 pm
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Today was our school career day, we were sent to different rooms to see three speakers talk about their careers. I had business owner, horticulture/landscaping, and graphic design. From all those three speakers I liked the horticulture/landscaping the most.


The way our speaker, Ms.king told us about her job very enthusiastically and talked so good about it inspired me to maybe go somewhere in that path when I grow older. The only things I need if i ever want to take the the path to a career like Ms.king would be so knowledge about plants like study botany or science of plants some where in my education path. But according to Ms. king she started at the very beginning and work her way up. I feel like this is a good fit for me because I really like nature and out doors.

I hope to one day be able to do something like Ms. King and be able plant plants and be able to a part of nature.:) I really enjoyed careers day!

Jefferson and Hamilton Brochure
March 21, 2013, 3:42 pm
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For this Social Studies assignment we were told to make a brochure of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton we did  a compare and contrast chart in the brochure. In the inside of the brochure like I told you I was comparing and contrasting them but on the outside we cited our work and chose side. The sides we could chose from were Jefferson and Thomas sides.  Jefferson like every to rule a equally with opinions of others but Hamilton only like that a familiar group of people torule like the rich. Here I will post pictures of my brochure to see whose side I choose. :)

The first image is the outside of my brochure that explains who I chose and my work cited plus the cover. The second image is the inside where I compare and contrast both Jefferson and Hamilton. This took me a while to do, this is my final and edited version because my first one had a couple of errors I needed to fix but in the end it turned out okay. I hope you think so too.



Anne Sullivan
March 13, 2013, 2:12 am
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This past few weeks we have been learning about people who went through the civil rights, injustice and disabilities who achieved something people said they wouldn’t or changed the world, our classed called them “people who broke barriers”. In this following post I will write my pre write of a paper I am gonna do about how Anne Sullivan broke barriers.

From all the characters we learned about the one who sticked out the most for me was Anne Sullivan because her determination, courage, and strength. She didn’t let others words who told her she couldn’t make Hellen learn get to her head and she she achieved what she put her self to and much more. I think her great heart and the feelings that she was once like that made her more determined to make Hellen to learn. Anne has some really good character traits such as strong, determined, smart, and she is very confident on her self. What Anne taught me was to be determined in what i do and to not give up even if people say you you can’t.

I am excited to write this paper because I will get to learn more about Anne Sullivan and how else she broke barriers and how. I hope you guys read my paper when I post it next time! Have a good day :)

25 word story
February 20, 2013, 3:05 pm
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This week our class has been working on doing 25 words stories that hint about the story and the story structure(beginning, middle, and end). We were to write at least 3 or more drafts of some possible story from their we chose one and improved by adding figurative language and the hardest part of all making sure its 25 words exactly. This activity sounded cool at first until we were told that it had to have 25 words exactly no one word less or one word more. It was hard and challenging but it turned out okay so here is my!:) >


Did my story hint what it was about and the story structure? Well I hope did. It took me quite a while to see how I was gonna hint my story but with the help of my teacher, Ms.Clark, I think it turned out okay.:)

The story of her life
February 1, 2013, 6:12 pm
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This past week our class has been analyzing the movie The miracle worker and we also read her some parts of her book The story of my life, We analyzed character development , cause and effect, character traits, paraphrase, and much more. I really liked the movie and how Helen got better for herself and for others throughout the movie. The movie had a lot of inspirational quotes and are class was told to chose one of the quotes and explain or put in our own words. Heres my quote!:)


“Oh…Everything the earth is full of, Helen.  Everything on it that’s ours for a wink and what we are on it. The light we bring to it and leave behind in words.  You can see years back in the light of words.  Everything we feel, think, know, and share in words, so not a soul is in darkness, or done with even in the grave…But I know.  I know one word and I can put the world in your hand.  And whatever it is to me, I won’t take less.” – Anne Sullivan 

I chose this quote because I like the meaning of the quote and how she was translating it with different words. She was basically saying that everything on this earth is ares for a very shot time when we are on earth we bring so much good things said and done through words and leave behind when we die . I think this quote  describes Anne Sullivan, don’t you? I think that because she is trying to say her childhood went by really quick and she is already getting old and she wants to bring something good to this earth like Helen and to teach her to learn and not spend a bad childhood like her because she will later on will die.


I really liked learning about Helen Keller and getting to know her life story throughout her book, The Story of My Life and her movie, The Miracle worker, I also really liked seeing how the characters developed throughout. Helen Keller is my new inspiration:)


Martin Luther King Jr. Poem
January 22, 2013, 8:11 pm
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My class read Martin Luther King Jr.’s poem “I Have a Dream” and was told that we were going to write a poem, but all the words were to come from Mr. King’s speech “I Have a Dream”. My poem is called Hope it was really difficult combing the right words to for it to make sense it took me a while to write it, so here is my poem.


All words borrowed from Martin Luther Kings speech “I Have Dream”

Martin luther king Jr poem

One day it will come, that will be the

day when we will be able to hew a stone of

hope out of the mountain of despair.



With this hope. With this faith we will be

able to march ahead to freedom.



Freedom will ring.

With the ring of freedom

our nation will be a beautiful

symphony of brotherhood.



With the freedom we all have today,

all men, yes, black as well as white men,

will rise up and live for the true meaning

of life.

Picture from this cite.

Hope you enjoyed reading my poem because I put a lot of time and effort in it, but even though I put it together all word credits to Martin Luther King Jr.

For more information visit my teacher’s blog at Ms. Clark’s blog