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Daily Choice Time Today

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March 29, 2012 Posted 4:56 pm

Today during choice time I did “read to self”. And here is a summary of what the story was about. The tittle is called “Shaun White”. And here is a summary about the book. Shaun White’s favorite sports are snowboarding and skateboarding and Shaun has an older brother and Shaun is trying to do whatever tricks his brother does but top it and do something better. When Shaun was growing up he got to meet the best skateboarder ever, Tony Hawk, and now Shaun holds a records in skateboarding and snowboarding and when he holds these records he has 2 gold medals in the x games. During the story Shaun was joking saying he liked this girl that is a pro figure skater and the reporters took it for real so, Shaun White life’s like a roller coaster i can’t imagine how this book will turn out.

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6th Grader on Video

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March 21, 2012 Posted 2:40 am

I think this kid will get far in life. I thought this video was really good. And I though he use really good words in his speech. And this kid must be a smart kid . And might check Out those two apps he made. I have one question what are the steps to making a app like his two.

Watch the video!

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February 16, 2012 Posted 9:07 pm

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