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2 days until I FINALLY get to meet my new students, and so far it’s shaping up to be my best year yet.

1) At our district-wide “Welcome Back” meeting our brand new superintendent said: “If you take care of the kids, the test scores will take care of themselves.” Yes. He said that. I didn’t dream it. (I checked with others to be sure!!)

2) 3 of my 8 department members are newly hired to the district, and so far they all seem like home run hires… student centered, hardworking, and fun to be around.

3) I spent the last 3 days in PD and NEVER FELT LIKE MY TIME WAS WASTED. I’m pretty sure that is a world record.

4) I got a new classroom and it has ceiling fans and 7 wall outlets. (We have no air conditioning and it is routinely in the 90 degrees F in my area for the first 4 weeks of school. My last classroom had 2 wall outlets and no ceiling fans… I’m in heaven.

5) I love what I do. I love it more every year.


  1. Oh, Laura!
    I’m so excited for you! It sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful year! How did your first two days go?


  2. I cannot tell you how encouraging this is. When hearing from veteran teachers, there can be a lot of negativity sometimes. One of my biggest fears as a future teacher is falling into a rut and let frustration get to me. Thanks for the positive attitude!


    • Chelsea,

      Don’t let negative people get you down. If you don’t join in on the grouching, eventually the grouchers will leave you alone. :) Positive teachers change kids lives. Good luck! (Sorry it took so long to get back with you. Teaching can be a crazy business!!)


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