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Instagram in the Classroom

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Do you have an Instagram account for your classroom? If so, I would love to connect with you and hear how you use it!

School starts for me in 2 weeks. I started an Instagram account for my classroom yesterday (@MrsCoughlinsClass) and am hoping to use it in a few ways:

1) Get my kids excited about class.
Middle schoolers love social media, and they also love to see themselves and their classmate in photos!

2) Record what my classes are doing.
I often take photos of my classes when they are doing something interesting, but unless I write a blog post that needs a photo, the pictures often just sit on my phone. Having an Instagram account creates a place to house all those photos where they actually serve a purpose.

3) Connect with parents and kids, in my community and around the world.
Ideally, I would love it if my students’ families connected with our Instagram account and could see pictures of what their kids did at school. It could be a great conversation starter at home! I would also love to be able to connect with other classrooms around the world and see what YOU are doing at school.

What do you use Instagram for in your classroom? Follow @MrsCoughlinsClass

One Comment

  1. We are trying out a library instagram account as a way to engage and communicate information with our students about the library! @hhswildcat_library

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