A Sixth Grade Window

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." ~Sydney J. Harris

“Everyday We’re Shufflin'”

*First, cheers to all of the students who have used iMovie to complete a book trailer!  Thanks Mrs. Burright, for the cool idea!  I decided I would work on making one for a book that I had read recently, and as I was making it I thought of all of the critical thinking I was putting into it.  I realized that when Kassidy made this book trailer she really had to understand the setting, she had to visualize the story, she had to know the plot, she summarized, she synthesized!  I have confidence that if Kassidy had to answer a question on a test about how the setting influenced the plot of the story, she would have no trouble answering.   I can’t wait to see ALL of your book trailers.


Next, actually we’re “shufflin'” with the push of a button, instead of the old fashioned way.  Today we used icardsort for two learning opportunities.  1. We made a deck of cards with academic vocabulary terms that highlighted our new measurement unit in math…and 2. We made a different deck of cards to enhance our spelling skills. Some time ago I learned a strategy for helping older students spell words correctly, that is to have the students spell the words backwards.  First, students spelled specific words backwards, next they spelled them correctly, then they made cards with the words containing missing letters.  The students quickly organized their cards to match up.  At the end of the lesson I asked them to push one button…all of their cards automatically shuffled and their “pretty” work needed to be put back together!  Thanks Kade for showing me how to change the background so that we could use this graphic organizer to match the spellings of the words.


Sixth graders, tomorrow is Friday! :)  I better stop writing and start thinking of a weekend project we can work on.  “Temple Run” may help with hand/eye coordination, but you won’t convince me of its educational value. ;)