A Sixth Grade Window

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." ~Sydney J. Harris

Welcome Blogging Challenge Participants!

We are 28 sixth graders and 1 teacher.
We are pet lovers.
We are daughters, sons, siblings, step-children, grandchildren, cousins.
We are proud of our Northside community.
We are Midwesterners.
We are readers and writers.
We are iPad users.
We are investigators.
We are curious about people and places in the world.
We are diverse.
We are lovers of read alouds.
We are bedazzled belts.
We are sports players and enthusiasts.
We are players of instruments.
We are artists.
We are technologically savvy.
We are fans of a basketball border showdown.
We are music and movie lovers.
We are prepared for middle school, standardized tests, and today’s world of networking.
We are jeans and hoodies.
We are cell phone users.
We are mathematicians and scientists.
We are friends.
We are talkative.
We are of multiple intelligences.
We are in our last year of elementary school.
We are becoming bloggers!

Some questions we have for fellow bloggers include:
What grade levels attend your school?
What do you do for homework?
How do you use technology in your classroom?
How do you help serve your community?

Thank you for visiting!! We look forward to a challenge. :)