Career Day Reflection

For my missouri connections my test results shown that the jobs. Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications. I believe I would be very good in the music industry. I am very interested in the music business and by that I mean I would like to me famous, I would like to achieve my gal to record music and be a great Idol to kids and show them they can make something out of there life and help motivate people to believe in there dreams.

I found Kobe’s mom to the most interesting to me, even though I did not get the career or i’m interested but after she came, I would like to be a lawyer if my music career doesn’t work out. Some classes in high school I might take music a lot.The education I would need would be all the basics and I would need music learning classes.

I would like to go into the career field of music because I love music with a passion and I want to be a role model to kids and show them that if they dream big and try that dreams do come true.

I would like to attend a school in Texas. The one I would love to attend would be


I learned so much going to all of my career day teachers. But overall I did not want to go into any of their fields, although I did love them sharing what they do with me and Bode. If my goal in life the job I want ( to become famous and to help our our society.)  become a lawyer, and I got to see a lawyer. The college I would attend ( in texas) I would try to get one with a good music program and law school.


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How To Create Flow In Writing

How do I create flow in writing? Well you need your writing strong and help the reader understand text. Also The sentences should all refer to the central idea, or thesis, of the paper. They should all flow with the writing.Transitions tell readers what to do with the information you present to them. Whether single words, quick phrases or full sentences, they function as signs for readers that tell them how to think about, organize, and react to old and new ideas as they read through what you have written. In your writing you could use compound sentences. It would also be best to use transitions to make our writing better too, it would combine your sentences. In writing to help make flow you could use synonyms. To help make flow you would want you sentences to be spicy and complete.

Wondersay! My 25 word story!

made on Wondersay – Animate text with style


My 25 word story is based on a true story. Was it hard for me to come up with it? Yes at first. At first I did NOT know what to write about, so my very first 25 word story I had one with a rug in it and my mom telling me no. Then my teacher Miss. Studer was talking about it being spicy, something someone finds interesting and would want to read. So I was thinking, and I figured why not a true one? Well my real father, is basically dying ( but hes getting better.. I think) and well I was thinking to myself what would happen if I saw him lying there taking his last breath, I pictured myself with tears going down my face like the niagara falls, so I put it into a 25 word story. The back story to my 25 word story is basically what I just explained. The back story to my writing is about my dad. No I don’t believe that it was hard coming up with this specific story because it is true.

Magnetic Poem

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In this poem I took the place of a boy, who loves a girl, who is loves one of the guys friends. He keeps holding on to her, because he believes that soon they’ll be together, and he just needs to hope. He thinks the girl is a angel, and that she will be his angel one day.

The process of this post, well the processing on making this poem was difficult, because we got to choose out of certain words, some words that you don’t normally use every single day, but we had to use the words and craft them into a piece of writing.

I personally liked doing the magnetic poetry, I liked how it gave us a certain limit of words, I also just overall liked the whole style of it. I would love to do this again.

Plot Roller-Coaster Semester One.

I cant believe I had just been found a couple of weeks ago. I am now walking in to Island Def Jam record label company, with my new manager Beth Hilton. Beth had found me on youtube doing a silly cover of Bruno Mars, Count On Me. Which in her case it was not silly at all, to her it was the beginning of something big, or someone big, and that someone is me.


I had just found out that I would be performing at Madison Square Garden, where every performer hopes to sell out one day. So many music legends have performed on the very stage I will be performing on in just a few weeks.After one night of practicing for one of the biggest shows in my career, my throat felt a burning sensation in the back of my throat. I decided to keep quiet to help my throat get better, but that wasn’t really possible when I had talks shows to perform on. Beth had wondered why I haven’t been talking that much after rehearsals, I just shook my head and went to bed, thinking of how to make my throat better.


I woke up to my alarm clock screaming on the side table. I got up and did my daily routine. While getting ready, I thought of ways to make me performance better. I waited for Beth to come and pick me up for rehearsals. Once she pulled up I stormed out getting ready to unload my ideas to her, but once I sat down and opened my mouth, nothing came out… Beth just looked at me while I sat and opened and closed my mouth. A hoarse voice spoke, giving me chills, then it hit me, that voice was mine. Beth called the doctor’s, and got me an appointment right away. Mr. Wash, said that I would have to miss the next rehearsals for the next few Days. I got worried, my biggest show yet, would be on the line. How could this happen? Guilt washed over me, what if I let all my fans down? What if my voice isn’t back by then?

Four long and boring days had passed. No talking whatsoever. Even on talk shows I couldn’t speak, I would have to use a whiteboard. A few times I had attempted to talk, but what if I didn’t like the outcome, so I just gave up, and kept my mouth shut. Today me and Mr. Wash my doctor will be meeting up. I waited for his arrival. Nervous that he would say the worst, or possibly give me the best answer there could be. If my voice comes back, I will have a day and a half to get my rehearsals complete ready for my big showcase.

Suddenly the tour bus opened, and in walked  Mr. Wash. After a long intro about don’t get over worked anymore, and dont stress my voice, it was my time. I opened my mouth, I closed it. I didn’t know what to say. When the door swung open I jumped in shock and hit my hip on the corner of the counter, I yelped in pain.Then, right there, at that moment I knew I had my voice back.

I could hear my fan’s roars, I peeked through and saw their posters. I skimmed through the crowd, seeing teenagers, and toddlers. “ This is it” I thought to myself, i’m performing at Madison Square Garden! I hurried and checked my mic. Only a few more seconds to go. Scaredness washed over my body, the small voice in my head, telling me that I can’t do it. I pushed those thoughts away, and when the lights went down,and the stage started to rise up, it was my time to shine. I gave it my best shot, my lungs burning, But my voice didn’t go out one bit. The crowd that night, sang along with the songs, that is when I knew that I was born to be somebody.

One Word

Break Through

Why I had chose my one word break through, is because break through had spoke to me as a person. Break through talks about getting out there and breakthrough and making a difference in people, and my work as a student and to put my self out there and break through my shyness, and put my self out there and let everyone who I am, and that i’m breaking through to show people who and why breaking through. I  had chosen break through because I would like to break through and get to people, make people get out of there shyness and break through, become better friends with people I see in the hallways who I don’t really communicate with, or stop caring what everyone thinks about me and to just be myself and break through that flaw.

The process of making this work come true, i’m not actually for sure how I will show me breaking through but i’m sure when it happens everyone will know. The process of braking through starts with me, and me as a person, then it would go to my school work because thats also very important, then me break through and helping people, then break through would go to my friends and then there would be a huge process of breaking through and how that affects everything.

I chose the word break through because I believe it shows the person that I want to be and what I want to do.

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Spring concert

1.The Lion Sleeps Tonight 

The group was loud, they where really booming, and you could hear them really well.They sung on key, at  the very beginning they sung spot on. One area to improve is i really couldn’t hear the boys. We could be just a little but louder.


2.Why We Sing.

At the beginning of Why We Sing was really good, you could hear them. Another good thing, is that you could really hear the boy’s. One area for improvement would be a little bit louder but, not to loud. Another area to improvement, is the words, you can hear them, but you could work on it a little bit, but other than that, I think we ROCKED IT!!!!!



Who I was at the beginning of the semester, I really didn’t understand music, but then a transformed and I understand the music now. At first I thought Bowman was a cool teacher, now I know her is. (Their bowman i said it!!) I really learned a lot! Thank you, for teaching me!

And Bowman, if i go here next year, yes I will be in choir.



BYE, Cant wait till next year!!! bye!






Heat Transfer-

yesterday in class, we learned about heat transfer. We observed popcorn, while they where getting popped. Stir-crazy would be  conduction. Microwave would be radiation. An then Air Popper would be Convention. In science we learned about all three of these heat transfers .   

Me, and You, Forever!

Exciting is what I get when I get to talk to you or see you
Fun is when we hang out and spend time together

When we go on an adventure
When you leave me alone

The feeling when you always by my side, and there for me, whenever.

Two people that
describes us, me and you, always together forever.